We offer accurate performance testing on athletes from Grade 9 to international sport performers across South Africa.

What We Do


Our regional campuses have facilities and qualified staff who conduct accurate performance tests and record the results on the National Performance Register (NPR). The results are confidential and no candidate nor coach will have access to results other than their own nominated candidates.

The candidates and coaches will be given the performance results of their candidates and their relative rankings in each test per gender and age.

How We Work


To give individuals, teams and coaches accurate performance levels from which ability predictions can be made. We have international norms against which we compare results and the cumulative South African data as it emerges will provide South African norms against which persons and teams can be rated and compared.

One example:
Let's say your school's first team rugby players are tested at the end of their season. This gives individuals a fix on their current strengths and weaknesses and the choice to work on them. In addition it gives the coach a benchmark to compare when the next year's team gets tested in preseason. This will enable the conditioning program and to a large extent the game plan.

Why Get Tested?